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Dental practice renovation in Egaleo, Athens

Renovation of existing space

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Project: Dental practice renovation in Egaleo, Athens
Type: Renovation of existing space
Location: Egaleo, Athens - Greece
Area: 50.00 m2
Year: 2010

3D Modelling: Andreas Androulakakis

The dental practice in Egaleo, Athens was designed to house the work space of a new dentist. The space existed as a home apartment on the ground floor of a corner 2 storey building of the 1960’s. Τhe main architectural element of the renovation was the unification of all the individual cellular spaces into two main sub-spaces: the reception/waiting area as well as the office/medical area.

Apart from the dental practice renovation, the clients’s brief also included the re-design of the building’s main entrance space on both sides, meaning the inside and the outside of the entrance. With a minimal aesthetic and financial intervention, the door was replaced and timber was introduced as a façade material.

The only direct light source was the main elevation of the building. Thus, two oversized windows became the new openings to the street, in contrast to the old small ones. The use of a continuous floor material emphasizes the unification of spaces.

Most of the furniture was designed by our architectural practice, in an attempt to satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs of such a practice. The materials utilized were lacquered wood in combination with vividly colored glass. The dental practice renovation lasted only two months and finished in October 2010.